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Igniting Creativity

Nicole de Picciotto is an art-alchemist, healer and an avid painter.  She is a passionate devotee of the deep feminine wisdom embedded in art-making and seeks to ignite the magic of creativity  in all who are curious, especially those who feel encumbered in their lives.  As someone with a chronic illness herself, Nicole has discovered the power of art-making to revitalize our bodies and hearts, allowing us to experience the fullness of life even with tremendous challenges.  She continually seeks fresh answers to the question: “How do we become our full, powerful, joyful, and authentic selves in each moment?”  Responding to the relentless invitation from intuitive painting to slow down, open, listen, let go, and trust, Nicole continues to find new pathways to heal  layers of life’s burdens and open us to our full, tender hearts.  Through intuitive art classes and life coaching, she invites her students to listen deeply to themselves for the way creativity can be a dynamic and nourishing practice to heal and transform.  She would love to partner with you on your own journey to unleashing your full aliveness, from wherever you find yourself now.


Art as Practice

What's it like to make something with no preconceived plan?  That's where I begin.  Making a few bold marks.  Making a mess.  Playing like a child and courting that elusive freedom that comes from forgetting about making a "good" painting.  At this stage, I'm trying to push myself into new territory.  Layer by layer I boldly and thoughtfully add paint and remove it with an attitude of curiosity.  What happens if I put a big blue circle here?  What happens if I scrape through what I just painted there?  Dancing with experiment and discernment I guide myself through the mid-life challenges of the painting.  This stage can take quite some time.  Often I push myself into a new territory only to become so disoriented that I have no idea how to proceed.  All I can do is wait, listen, gather inspiration, and eventually, just take a brush to the painting and go!  Only after the painting lived through enough of it's circuitous journey can I start to see what it is becoming, what is being expressed.  In it's final stages, the process slows down, becoming more refined, more careful as the painting becomes more resolved, more cohesive.  I might sit with it for a week or more making little changes until the painting sings its final note of completion.  Like connecting a circuit, the painting lights up and announces that it's journey is complete, filled with seen and unseen layers of paint, emotion and inspiration.

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