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catalyze your creative spark

Art as a practice is rich and potent.  So much comes up when we truly attempt to listen to our intuition and let our authentic expression emerge.  Anyone who has done so knows intimately their own inner gremlins - self-doubt, criticism, fear, aversion, control, etc...  It can be very difficult to attend to and soothe these voices without support.  With the strong, gentle presence of a guide, you can experience the safety and inspiration you need to peel off the many layers of your conditioning to reveal the vital, expressive life force within.  Through guided visualizations, embodiment practices, art prompts, and heavy doses of encouragement, Nicole guides students and clients toward their own true heart, deepening self-understanding and self-acceptance while also encouraging new and practiced artists to take a leap into dimensions of themselves they hadn't yet discovered.  Interested in diving in or discovering more?  Click below to schedule your complimentary creativity coaching session today.

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