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de Picciotto

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

Francis Bacon

Kind Words

Artwork arrived yesterday and it’s even more beautiful than expected. During a morning meditation my mind started to wander and I realized I was visualizing the painting and it was a light, relaxing moment. Actually got a little emotional because usually when my mind wanders I’m focusing on something stressful or a problem I feel I need to fix. So thanks for giving me a moment of joy this morning. What a gift!


Your painting brought tears to my eyes in the most wonderful of ways!  I feel wildly fortunate to have a Nicole original that was made with me in mind.  Gorgeous, deep, rich, bright, alive.  I look forward to spending more time with it and going deeper with it.


I am so beyond excited to finally be purchasing some of your stunning work. I feel so honored to hang something off yours in my home!!!


If you haven't visited Nicole's site you are missing out. Not only on the beauty of her unique style of bringing heart to canvas, but her stories behind the paintings. Immerse yourself in beauty once in a while. It will save the world!


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